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Your Child’s First Visit To the Dentist

Your child should be seeing the dentist for the first time to get acquainted with us at the age of about    1-2 years, depending on the maturity of the child.  By seeing the dentist at such a young age, we will be able to establish a positive relationship between your child and the dentist. Besides checking for decay and other problems, we will teach you how to properly clean your child’s mouth, evaluate any adverse habits such as thumb sucking.  In many instances, this first visit is a ‘well visit’ for the teeth. You will start your child on the right track for a lifetime of good dental habits.

While there is no set rule, it is generally advised that your child sees the dentist once every six months.  Children’s needs  and your dentist is best able to suggest a schedule of visits for your child if it differs based on your child’s eating habits, dental hygiene, or whether the child drinks fluoridated water.  

What Should I tell my child about seeing the dentist?

Tell your child that the dentist is a friendly doctor who will help them take care of their teeth. Talk about the visit in a positive matter of fact way, as you would about any new experience. A visit to the dentist can be pleasant adventure for your child.

Don’t let anyone tell your child scary stories about dental visits or let the child know that you feel any anxiety about going to the dentist.

Don’t bribe your child into going to the dentist or use a dental visit as a punishment or a threat.

Try to make the outing enjoyable and set a good example by brushing your own teeth and eating balanced diet and visiting the dentist regularly.  You can help your child have strong healthy teeth throughout life.