Robert A Foster, Jr


Family and Cosmetic Dentistry


1230 Johnson Ferry Place

Suite C-10

Marietta, GA 30068

Sharon, Office Manager

Sharon was born and raised in Atlanta and is the only staff member that has been with Dr. Foster since he first opened his dental office in 1973.  At first, she was the ONLY staff member, doing chairside assisting as well as the business end of the practice.  (Some of our patients remember this.) As the business progressed and Dr. Foster hired staff members, Sharon chose to work solely on the business side of the practice.  

While keeping the office running smoothly, Sharon also programs the software to work seamlessly with the clinical and business end of the practice.  She also develops the signs, and marketing materials you will see in the reception area as well as creating and keeping the website up to date.  

Sharon enjoys reading, working on all kinds of crafts,

theater, dance performances, and sewing.  She alters

costumes and when needed creates new ones for Atlanta

Dance Central and SIDEWAYS Contemporary Dance


If you have any concerns about the office,

please contact Sharon anytime by telephone or her

email at