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Minor Orthodontic Services

Once a tooth is removed, the adjacent teeth want to “close the space”.  So, in time a molar will appear “tipped” in the direction of the next available tooth. Sometimes, this is so severe that it is impossible to restore the missing space without first uprighting the molar into a suitable position to partner with its mate above.  We can achieve this correction using bands and orthodontic wire.  This will require about an hour appointment to place the brackets and then regular adjustment of the wire on the arch. Depending on the severity of the tilt, we can correct this in a 6-12 month period of time.

Another minor service we offer is minor cross-bite relationship correction.  This involves cementation of bands on opposing arches of the cross-bite (one bracket on the inside of one tooth and the opposing tooth bracket on the outside) and the use of orthodontic rubber bands.  This may take 3-6 months depending upon the patient’s diligence with the use of rubber bands as the elastics must be in place most of the time to accomplish movement.

If I see the need for any orthodontic treatment that is beyond my expertise, I will refer you to one of the best orthodontists I know for your treatment.

If you wonder if I can treat any “crooked” teeth in your mouth, call today.