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Green Zone X-ray Technology

The Green Zone is a dental office that uses Tru-Align technology to reduce dental x-ray radiation by up to five-fold.

Think of your garden hose. You can set it to spray and scatter water or to shoot a narrow, steady stream. Some x-ray systems "spray" radiation in an attempt to get all the image the dentist wants for diagnosis. But if the dentist utilizes the Tru-Align, it reduces that scatter radiation and reduces your exposure to radiation.

You will see the Tru-Align when you are in the chair and ready for your x-rays. It is on the x-ray head and has that tell-tale green ring, the symbol of The Green Zone. You can ask your hygienist or doctor any questions you have about it.

Actually, the Tru-Align has a few more benefits. Because it focuses the radiation and aligns the x-ray, your dentist will get better x-rays and thus reduce the need for retakes. Also, Tru-Align provides clearer, better defined images which enables us  to better diagnose your level of oral health. And, of course, there is the added benefit to the environment. Less radiation, in the long run, benefits us all - you, your family, the dentist and staff, and the environment.   

We invite you to enter the Green Zone.