Robert A Foster, Jr


Family and Cosmetic Dentistry


1230 Johnson Ferry Place

Suite C-10

Marietta, GA 30068

What Our Patients Are Saying About us . . .


Confidence in one's dental care professionals is very important to me. I have been very satisfied with my dental care at Dr. Fosters office. His staff is always cheerful, attentive to any patient questions or concerns and seem very sure of themselves. Our family has been depending on Dr. Foster and staff to provide our dental needs for over 20 yrs. We feel so blessed to have such a nice dental family in our community.  

Dr. Bob and his staff are professional, courteous, and amiable. They immediately put me at ease, and I had a very pleasant experience. I was quite surprised as I usually deplore dental appointments. I highly recommend Dr. Bob's practice for its superior level of care and professionalism.   B. Wolfe

“Just wanted to let you know I really like the new hygienist--can't remember her name. I felt she was very thorough without being too rough and was sensitive to my needs, actually giving me choices and asking for feedback. Very personable and I didn't feel like my plaque was an inconvenience to her. She seems to enjoy her work and I even learned some more dental hygiene tidbits from her. Not only that, she was concerned that my jaw kept getting sore and tired while she was cleaning so she had Dr. Bob look into it and now I will probably be getting a night guard for teeth clenching.

After my previous visit six months ago, I was concerned about seeing that particular hygienist again. I just didn't feel comfortable with her. I felt like she was upset with how much time she had to spend on my teeth which were worse than usual since I hadn't been in for a couple years. Also, it was the first time anyone had used some sort of "drill-like" instrument to help remove tartar between my teeth and at one point I think the tip touched the top edge of a tooth. A couple of days later, a chip came off of that same tooth.

Anyway, she is no longer there for whatever reason I don't know, but I am relieved since I had a very good experience today. “

“Our family has been a member of the "Foster Dental Family" for over 30 years, and Bob has done just about everything known to man to help each of the four of us maintain our dental health. We would not feel comfortable anywhere else..thanks to Bob and his wonderful staff for their professional and personal attention..their number one aim is to make sure the patient is well taken care of..we are grateful indeed. “    Florence P.

“Dr. Foster is a conservative dentist with a lot of experience. I have been going to him for a long time and have managed to keep all my teeth and I have a beautiful smile, thanks to him and his caring staff.”  Anon

"I am the 2nd biggest baby that will ever walk through your doors. I have a MAJOR dental phobia which stems from several very bad experiences from dentists from my childhood through my teen years. It takes EVERYTHING I have to just drive myself to the dentist office. I can tell you there is only ONE dentist (and staff) that I trust, that makes me relax, at least as much as I can and that's Dr. Foster. The Doc and staff get me and that is HUGE for my phobia. Doc if you ever retire, I am screwed............"  Ralph

“Today was my first appointment and it was great! Dr. Foster took the time to explain my whole dental situation from cancer screening to better brushing methods to answering all my questions. Much better then my previous dentist! I felt like they cared! “  J Kemper

“Most thorough dental visit I ever had. The dentist and staff took time to explain everything in great detail including ways to better care for my teeth and protect my teeth in the future.“  Frank

'I’ve been going to Dr. Foster for about 18 years, but switched 3 years ago because of insurance and wanted to find a dentist closer to home. BIG MISTAKE!!!! About 3 mos. ago, I had a crown come out (one put in by other dentist) and called Dr. Foster after hours on a Thurs. (he's closed Fridays). He called me back within an hour and had already pulled my chart. I was able to go in first thing on Monday to get it fixed. My family and I are back with Dr. Foster and will not switch again!!! My children love him, too. “  Anon