Robert A Foster, Jr


Family and Cosmetic Dentistry


1230 Johnson Ferry Place

Suite C-10

Marietta, GA 30068


As A patient You Have the Right:

    To Receive information regarding dental health

    To Receive assistance in a responsible manner

     To expect that records are treated with privacy

    To Refuse dental services and be advised of the consequences of failure to do

        the advised treatment


As A Patient You Have a Responsibility

    To Review and Understand your Dental Insurance Policy

    To  Produce your insurance Card for verification

    To treat all personnel respectfully and courteously

    To keep all scheduled appointments

        (We reserve the right to charge for appointments canceled or broken without 24   

        Hours notice)                                                       

    To Pay for your portion at the time of service

    To ask questions regarding your care and seek clarification

       if necessary

    To provide honest and complete health information including   

      updating any changes in medication

    To Express opinions, concerns, and suggestions in a constructive

      appropriate manner  to the office manager and/or dentist