Our Hours Have Changed

We have been hearing about the COVID-19 virus for weeks now from many sources. The press has confounded the information to the degree that it is near impossible to determine what to do. If I wasn’t clear in my first email, I am taking this virus seriously; If I sounded flippant, my writing was insufficient to convey my message. COVD-19 is a novel coronavirus having a crippling effect on the world economy and global health.

Since we do not know who may be a carrier of any disease, we assume they may have it or are a carrier of such contagious condition, whether it be COVD-19, Hepatitis B or C, or HIV. Therefore, we take extreme precautions every time, every patient. When new knowledge from the ADA emerged about COVD-19, we adjusted our office per their recommendations.

Here is the update

We have suspended all elective services, including hygiene appointments, until April 1st, 2020.

Our hours are abbreviated as well to mirror that decision. We will be open from 10:00 to 3:00 pm to see our patients who need our emergency services immediately.

We will Screen Patients Before Treating Physically in the Office

In light of the new recommendations, we will also treat patients on a case by case basis. We will be asking a series of questions before allowing a patient to come to the office physically.

  1. Have you been on a plane the last two week?
  2. Have you or your immediate family been exposed to anyone with a high fever, cold, flu-like aches, or fatigue in the last 14 days? If yes, we will reschedule.
  3. Have you taken your temperature? What is it?
  4. Have you had a sore throat? A cough? Fever? Aches? Any fatigue? If yes, we will need to reschedule

We will place a notice on the door: If you have had respiratory symptoms within the last two weeks, please go home and call to reschedule.

Practice Social Distancing and Wash Your Hands

It’s unknown at this time what the full impact of COVID-19 will be in the US; however, the CDC and the WHO has indicated that this social distancing should be the new normal for now. Hopefully, our social distancing will not be an extended one, and our healthy lives can return to normal.

For the Latest Updates Check our Facebook Page

We will continue to closely monitor updates from the CDC, the ADA, the World Health Organization, and our state officials. In the case of new information, we will keep you informed of any changes to our procedures or appointments. For the latest updates, please visit our Facebook page: Dr. Robert Foster Jr. DMD.

Do not hesitate to call us should you have any questions or concerns.

Dr. Bob and Team