Big Tooth Finally Made it

This month’s patient of the month is “Big Tooth.” This famous icon of the office has been here for over 35 years. Big Tooth loves to dress in costumes and has been many characters throughout the years, sometimes even a girl tooth, so it is difficult for him to remember which one is the favorite.… Read more about Big Tooth Finally Made it

How NOT to Brush Your Teeth.

Flossing After Brushing Flossing is necessary to remove bacteria between the teeth, but flossing after brushing deprives you of the benefit of the fluoride in the toothpaste and the rinse you use after cleaning. Remember, Brush, Floss, Rinse is the motto of Stacey. Brushing Too Often Cleaning your teeth twice a day, once after breakfast… Read more about How NOT to Brush Your Teeth.

Nigel Nderi

We would like you to meet the future of computers. Nigel Nderi is a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon studying Computer Science and loving it. Nigel is a gentle, polite soul that we enjoy seeing at our office. Being the oldest sibling of a family with three boys is a formidable task and one that Nigel… Read more about Nigel Nderi

We Appreciate Our Smile Team.

Let’s eat! For many years I have celebrated the end of our year with my team with a day-long gathering. We begin with breakfast that will sustain us through the next couple of hours. After breakfast, I present them with an amount of money to only spend on themselves (not family or friends). What did… Read more about We Appreciate Our Smile Team.

Are You Kissable?

Do you get complaints in the love department when you become intimate with that special someone? Are you not kissable enough? Does your special one turn and run for the hills? Did you notice your loved one was mysteriously absent for that midnight kiss at New Year’s Eve? You may be Suffering From Sinus Issues… Read more about Are You Kissable?

Counting My Blessings

Since at this time of year, we tend to notice the many blessings that God has given us. I would like to share a few of mine. My Beautiful Family My family is the most important facet in my life. I have a faithful and loving wife who supports me through thick and thin. After… Read more about Counting My Blessings