Fighting the “Bad Guys”.

Did you know that you have “bad guys” that are trying their best to ruin your oral health? Yep. Right there in your mouth, you have bacteria that thrive from food left in between your teeth; and those bad boys grow at lightning speed. Brushing your teeth only once a day allows the bacteria and… Read more about Fighting the “Bad Guys”.

Pass the Antioxidants, Please.

Good news!! Antioxidants are the natural defense system in our body. What does the term Free Radical mean? Without getting too scientific, oxygen molecules that split into single atoms have no paired electron. These solo atoms, known as free radicals, can bind with other electrons. There are many types of free radicals. However, too many… Read more about Pass the Antioxidants, Please.

Team Appreciation Day 2019

We had a great luncheon celebrating Team Appreciation Day.  I surprised the team with personalized water bottles, a team appreciation pin, and a Visa Gift card.   Tabitha the Great Our front office business administrator, Tabitha, is our rock.  She is a genius at all things insurance, and helps to keep the office running smooth. … Read more about Team Appreciation Day 2019

Dentistry is a Partnership

  Your dental care is our #1 priority. We base our treatment recommendations on that of the American Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry. When we visually examine your mouth, we can only see half of the picture. We cannot see what lies beneath the gums. That is the reason x-rays are so… Read more about Dentistry is a Partnership

Kim Fine, July 2019

This wonderful woman has been a valuable patient for quite a while, and we love her! Helps bring Babies into the World Kim is a Labor and Delivery RN at Wellstar Cobb hospital, formerly named Cobb General. It takes a special person to welcome new babies into the world. We cannot think of a more… Read more about Kim Fine, July 2019