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January- Need a New Year’s Resolution?  Well, Smile!

February-Children’s Dental Health Month

March- Why do we have Wisdom Teeth?


January-Resolve to Return to the Dentist this Year

February- Weight Loss Tips that are also Good for your Teeth

March-  Is Tooth Paint Safe?

April- Is an Electric Toothbrush a good Choice for you?

May- Are you a Victim of Misinformation from the Internet?

June-  Yikes!  My child has bad breath.

July-Are you suffering from an Ugly Food Trap?

August-The Between may not be Clean if you don’t use the String

September-Yes! Replace those Back Teeth!

October-Be Cautious with these “healthy” foods

November-TikTok and your smile

December-Are you a Bleachorectic?



January- Thinking of Skipping a Dental Check-up?

February-Flossing-The Struggle is Real.

March- Is My Tooth Abscessed?

April-My Jaw Hurts!

May- Playing Russian Roulette with your Teeth

June- Why Smile? Keep your Smile Young

July- Our Zoom Meeting Smiles

August- It’s back to School Already?; Tooth Strengthening Foods 

September- Congratulations, you’r going to be a Mom; Do you suffer from Xerostomia?

October-Seal Out Decay;Internet Not a dental expert

November-Children’s Dental Emergencies

December- Show Your Teeth Some Love this Holiday Season


January-Resolve to have a Great Smile this Year

February-The Rising accidents involving Electronic Devices and your kids

March- Why Continuing Education is important for Dentist and Team

April-Coping with Stress During the Pandemic

May-Heroic Response to COVID-19

June- Is it Safe to Go to the Dentist?

July-Unleash the Power of the String

August-Children and the Dental Caries Crisis

September-Does Wearing a Mask Protect you as well as Others?

October- Brush, Floss and Chew?

NovemberHow is your ZOOM Confidence?

 December- Why brush your tongue.


January – Are You Kissable?

February- There is no such thing as “practice” teeth

March- How NOT to brush your teeth

April- Are Opioids the only Pain management option?

May-  “Zing” Goes that Tooth Again

June- What does Blood Pressure have to do with teeth?

July–  No Lifetime Guarantee on Dental Treatment

August- Dentistry is a Partnership

September- Natural Tooth Whitening

October- Did You Brush Your Teeth?

November-  Fighting the Bad Guys


January – Make a Healthier Mouth One of Your New Year Resolutions

February – This Valentine’s Day Show Your Teeth Some Love

March – The History of the Big Tooth

April – Do I Have to Get My Wisdom Teeth Taken Out?

May – Beautiful Smiles are Healthy Smiles

June – Dental Insurance-short but not so sweet

July – The Secret to a Happy Mouth

August –  Procrastination can be life-threatening

September – Dental Health While you are pregnant

October – Your Child doesn’t have to go to a Specialist in Children Dentistry

November – Counting My Blessings

December – What are the attachments that are examined during my check-up appointment?



January –  Are Implants Right for You?

February – You’re In the Right Place for Implants

March – Why You Should Floss – A Teenage Patients Prospective

April – The Various Stages of a Cavity

May – Are Electronic Cigarettes a Threat to Your Smile?

June – Discover Dr. Bob’s Smile Plan and Ditch Your Insurance

July – Do You Have a Cracked Tooth?

August – What Does Medical History Have to do With My Teeth?

September – Can Tooth and Gum Infections Go Away on Their Own?

October – We Are a Cosmetic Dentistry Office. Look No Further!

November – A Sincere Note of Gratitude from Dr. Bob

December – Can Habits Affect Your Periodontal Health?



January – How Do You Know If You Have an Abscessed Tooth?

February – A Whiter Smile May Help the Winter Blues

March – Does It Have to Hurt to Have a Whiter Smile?

April – Are Checkups Necessary If You Wear Dentures?

May – Causes of Bad Breath in Children

June – The Mouth and Body Connection

July – Why Use a Soft Toothbrush; Differences in Mouthwashes

August – Why Crowns May Need to be Replaced

September – To Floss or Not to Floss: That is the Question

October – Protect Your Implant Investment

November – But, Doc, I Need Something for the Pain

December – Taking Care of Your Baby’s Teeth