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About Your Smile

A smile is a unique signature.  No one smiles exactly like another.  It tells others about you.
Your inherited facial and dental structure, as well as previous dental care (or lack of it ), is reflected in your smile.

A smile can be a wonderful asset that reflects self-confidence and the happy person you are. A confident smile is directly related to social and occupational success.  A person uncomfortable with their smile may avoid pictures, not smile at all ( or not as widely) Some people may even cover their mouth with their hand, tongue, or lip to disguise the disfigurement that they perceive their smile to be.

If you are not totally happy with your smile, don’t be discouraged.  There are many ways to help improve your smile.  Common reasons for dissatisfaction with smiles involve discolored teeth, gaps between teeth,  missing teeth, overlapping teeth, poorly shaped teeth, and chipped teeth. All of these dental problems can be distracting and draw attention away from a truly remarkable person–YOU!

We have successfully enhanced many people’s lives by improving their smile.  If you are unhappy with yours, call today for a free consultation about your smile.

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