Are Opioids the ONLY Pain Management Option?

Recently, I attended a conference on the overuse and possible addiction risk of Opioids. Many forms and names are categorized as Opioids This pain reliever comes in many forms and names. Opioid prescriptions after third-molar (wisdom teeth) extractions are more common in the U.S., than in other countries. For instance, The world’s supply of hydrocodone… Read more about Are Opioids the ONLY Pain Management Option?

Are You Kissable?

Do you get complaints in the love department when you become intimate with that special someone? Are you not kissable enough? Does your special one turn and run for the hills? Did you notice your loved one was mysteriously absent for that midnight kiss at New Year’s Eve? You may be Suffering From Sinus Issues… Read more about Are You Kissable?

An Ounce of Prevention Equals a Pound of Good Health

The condition of your teeth can indicate problems with the body. Physicians routinely do a “tooth visual.”  Taking care of your dental health may have a positive impact on your overall health. Oral Bacteria Found in the Plaque of Clogged Arteries Dental problems like tooth decay occur when colonies of bacteria build up in the… Read more about An Ounce of Prevention Equals a Pound of Good Health

David Colby

Our good friend and patient, Dave retired from the Coca-Cola, Corporate Quality Assurance in 2000 and moved to Woodstock that same year. Having traveled across the U.S. A., England and Germany as well as France, Ireland, Mexico, and Brazil, Dave is well acquainted with the food and people in each country. He thinks that the… Read more about David Colby