Dr. Nadolne is a Family Physician in Marietta, who just happens to be Dr. Foster’s personal physician and also for many of our patients as well. He graduated from Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta and completed his Resident training in Savannah at Memorial Medical Center.

Nadolne Family Medicine & Preventive Care opened in 2001 where he treats newborns all the way up to grandparents and beyond. When he is not treating patients, Brian likes to read, visit Spanish speaking countries, and listen to classic rock and roll. Every year Dr. Nadolne sponsors a walk for cancer of which he also participates and volunteers as the physician at a resident summer camp. His recent trip to Israel was “a trip of a lifetime” for him and his family.

Dr. Nadolne is dedicated to help people get and stay healthy. Optimal health and preventive care for all ages is something Dr. Nadolne has actively been pursuing for his patients. He is a frequent lecturer on not only optimal health, but also on advanced cholesterol testing and hypertension, as well as the importance of vaccinations for community health.

Most recently, Dr. Nadolne has started his concierge program for patients. He became a concierge physician for the same reason, he became a doctor – he is devoted to help people. With this program the physician gets to know the patient extremely well, and is able to deliver the highest levels of primary care and service. He can continue to help people even when traditional medicine changes significantly.

We congratulate Brian as our patient of the month.