Many of you have been patients long enough to know that my wife and I have a grown daughter.

Many times I am asked how Charlotte is doing. Well, to be one who does absolute shameless bragging about her, I have decided that I would like to share with you the wonderful article that was written about her on the Focus 33 Series blog: Women Entrepreneurs.

Charlotte opened Atlanta Dance Central in October of 2009 with about 60 students performing in the only recital of the year. The toddler kids performed early and went home. This past year there were 4 recitals, 2 Kinder and 2 Youth. A total of 289 dancers were featured on stage.

Charlotte insists that her faculty has a degree in dancing, and preferably training in dance teaching. She is lucky to have a great staff and a very supportive husband, Jeremy. An engineer at ATT as well as a Cross Fit Trainer, this young man has stepped right into helping her with everything and anything she needs from teaching conditioning, constructing props, and even light designing. She could not have found a better guy.

Clearly, her Mom and I are very proud of her and her achievement. She is constantly surprising us with her talent and organization. She has the studio, The Foster Schmidt Dance Academy for Down Syndrome, as well as SIDEWAYS, a Professional Contemporary Dance Company.