D.J. Hammond has been a patient since he was just a small boy. It has been a great pleasure to watch this young man become one of the nicest people we know.

He has worked at Chick-Fil- A’s home office for three years as a Project Facilitator and has loved every second of it. He even invited us to lunch there one day!

D.J. loves all types of music, but likes Independent Rock the most. According to All Music’s definition “ indie rock is free to explore sounds, emotions, and lyrical subjects that don’t appeal to large, mainstream audiences — profit isn’t as much of a concern as personal taste (though the labels do, after all, want to stay in business).It’s very much rooted in the sound and sensibility of American underground and alternative rock of the ’80s”. His mainstream artist favorite is Johnny Cash.

When he is not playing with his two daughters, or listening to music, he enjoys watching the Georgia Bulldogs or the Atlanta Falcons play. With his wonderful attitude and winning smile, we are honored that D.J. has chosen to stay loyal to our office for over 30 years.

Congratulations, D.J. !