How White is TOO White?

Where does a tooth get its color? Notice the whiteness of a child’s tooth. Not only do children not have any of the stains that we pick up as adults, but they have very pale yellow light-colored dentin. The dentin, the layer of your tooth under the enamel, dictates the color of your teeth. Since… Read more about How White is TOO White?

TIKTOK and your Smile

Social Media Trends Lately, I have seen many examples of how social media dictates style for young people. For instance, while speaking to my hairdresser, he said that he couldn’t get the young stylists to attend hair conventions anymore to find out about the latest products or trends in hairstyles. Instead, they would tend to… Read more about TIKTOK and your Smile

The Between May Not Be clean if you don’t use the String.

Electric Flossing tools can promote healthy dental hygiene. Water Pik and Sonicare AirFloss are two of them. WaterPik and other water flossers use a continuous stream of water, while Air Flossers rely on the blast or air rather than the micro-droplets of water delivered with the air. As a result, some dentists believe it removes… Read more about The Between May Not Be clean if you don’t use the String.

Have a Beautiful SmileAgain

Does food catch in an area just above your gumline? Is it so constant that it annoys you, as well? Or, have you wondered about that ugly yellowish-looking triangle at your gumline? You are not alone! Defects in this area (called the “cervical” portion of the tooth) are prevalent, particularly in patients over 25. While… Read more about Have a Beautiful SmileAgain

Tooth Paint. Is it Safe?

A particular tooth polish, Chrom, marketed as “Fashion Tooth Polish,” is all the rage on TikTok. This company sells white polish, metallic and pastel, and vibrant colors. I bet you can even buy a Kelly green for St. Patrick’s Day. Ingestion Questions As a dentist, I want to weigh in on this product, not because… Read more about Tooth Paint. Is it Safe?