Are Opioids the ONLY Pain Management Option?

Recently, I attended a conference on the overuse and possible addiction risk of Opioids. Many forms and names are categorized as Opioids This pain reliever comes in many forms and names. Opioid prescriptions after third-molar (wisdom teeth) extractions are more common in the U.S., than in other countries. For instance, The world’s supply of hydrocodone… Read more about Are Opioids the ONLY Pain Management Option?

Nigel Nderi

We would like you to meet the future of computers. Nigel Nderi is a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon studying Computer Science and loving it. Nigel is a gentle, polite soul that we enjoy seeing at our office. Being the oldest sibling of a family with three boys is a formidable task and one that Nigel… Read more about Nigel Nderi