We wait all year for this time. After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year. Parties, Family, Santa Claus, Hannukah. It’s no wonder that our teeth may take the back seat in our merriment. For that reason, we have noted a few ways to help you through the festivities while keeping your teeth in tack.

Sparkling Wine

Depending on the brand of sparkling wine (Champagne)or Prosecco, additional sugar is added. The drier the wine, the less sugar is in the glass. Monitor the intake and for every flute, drink a glass of water. This process will rinse away the sugar as well as keep you hydrated.

Stop the Grazing

During the holidays, there are typically a lot of goodies to eat and, you may find yourself eating all day long. However, eating throughout the day exposes your teeth to sugar all day as well. So, try to eat your goodies in one or two sittings.

Carry a Small Container of Floss

A mini container of dental floss could save you in that “stuck between your teeth” episode which is bound to happen, especially eating turkey. This dilemma will also help you not find a “tool” to help get that food out. Cocktail pics are a no-no. You can damage your gums that way. Carry floss.

They are Teeth–not Tools

When wrapping your presents, be sure to have a pair of scissors to cut tape, ribbon, or twine. Using your teeth instead of scissors puts a lot of uncommon pressure on the edges of your teeth, causing the potential of breaking your teeth. Also, even as a joke, don’t open champagne bottles with your teeth. It sounds harmless, but it could cause significant damage to your teeth.

Show your Teeth Some Love

Don’t forget your habit of flossing, brushing, and rinsing as you usually do.

Brush twice a day and floss at least once. After all, that is all your mouth wants for Christmas.