Since at this time of year, we tend to notice the many blessings that God has given us. I would like to share a few of mine.

My Beautiful Family

My family is the most important facet in my life. I have a faithful and loving wife who supports me through thick and thin. After many years of trying to get pregnant, we were fortunate to give birth to a beautiful baby girl. Many of you were patients when she was born. You probably know that she has always danced and wanted a career in that field. For nine years she has owned a successful dance studio in Roswell called Atlanta Dance Central.  Since am invited to be a part of my daughter’s success, by participating in some of her dance shows, I have met many of the happy children who dance there.


A Daughter and “Son” that know the Value of Family

Five years ago we acquired a son with the marriage of Charlotte to Jeremy. This young man is family oriented, so, we see the two of them quite often. They even invited us along for their 5th year anniversary celebration at Napa Valley, California, where they were married. My sister, in Chicago, and her family are very dear to me, and we see them as many times as possible. I have many fond memories of all our times together.

My Dental Family

I have been enjoying dentistry for many years.  Along the way, I have met some of the most beautiful people in the world. Some have been with me for as long as I have been a dentist, while others have come since our move to East Cobb, and, still others I have just met.

My skills and ethics are a product of God. I received proper upbringing from my parents, and excellent instruction from my professors. I treat my dental family as if you are my genetic family. Thank you for your loyalty, your friendship, and the many lovely memories I have of all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Dr. Bob