Mumbles the Penguin is December’s Patient of the Month!

We know everyone knows, Mumbles. His latest movie was Happy Feet II. He had a chance to visit our office in his down time and was kind enough to be our Patient of the Month.

Even though Mumbles is quite shy, he allowed us to take his picture with Dr. Foster. We are so proud that he agreed. He is such an excellent patient. He is also extremely glad that he got a break from the weather at his home.

Mumbles lives in the Antarctic which is one of the most desolate, coldest, windiest and downright grim places on the planet, especially during the season of 24 hour darkness. Some emperor penguins are the only birds that never set foot on land. They are constantly on ice or in the water their entire life.

Mumbles was privileged to be one of the few penguins to experience land. Besides his fellow cast members, Mumbles is the only penguin we know to have done that–well, let’s face it. He is the ONLY penguin we know.

We are proud of Mumbles. His hygiene is great even though he has to brush his teeth in the dark sometimes.

Congratulations, Mumbles. Keep on Dancing!