Regular Brushing can prevent Diabetes

Brushing Three Times a Day

According to a new study conducted in Seoul, South Korea, if you brush your teeth three times a day you may decrease your chance of developing  Diabetes. The researchers analyzed the subjects’ oral hygiene behaviors, like the frequency of brushing their teeth, their dental history, and when and why they visited the dentist.  

Those who brushed their teeth at least three or more times per day reduced their risks of developing diabetes by 8%. 

Missing Teeth

Man with several missing teeth

The presence of periodontal disease and missing teeth possibly augments the risk of new-onset diabetes. For instance, those with at least 15 missing teeth had a 21% increased risk in contracting diabetes even if they brushed three times a day. Subjects with dental gum disease had a 9% chance of contracting diabetes.  

Surprising Following Up

Diabetes paraphernalia can become costly as well as inconvenient

It was found upon examination ten years later that an additional 17% of the subjects that had missing teeth and/or gum disease tested positive for diabetes upon their return.

In Summary

We need to learn more about the relationship between diabetes and brushing habits. However, improvement of oral hygiene may bring your chances of developing the disease down considerably.

Information from March 2 in Diabetologia.