Did your children receive a cell phone or electronic pad for the holidays? Do they presently possess one or have one available to them regularly? Then, it would be best if you took note of this blog.

Dropping Cell Phone or Tablet is a common Injury

The fifth most common traumatic dental incidents in the world are dental injuries. These injuries affect more than a billion people, according to the authors from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi. The most common dental injuries include sports injuries, falls, and traffic accidents. However, the inadvertent dropping of cell phones or electronic tablets is becoming a more common injury.

Devices are Heavier than the Strength of the Child

These devices can weigh a quarter to a half-pound, and children may not have the strength or skill to handle the electronics for an extended time. The device may fall or be dropped onto their face or teeth.  This may cause damage to the tissue and even partially loosen or knock teeth out.


Increased use of these devices without supervision, is becoming an etiological factor for injuries in children. A dental accident report was kept and during a recent three-month period, ten traumatic  dental or facial injuries happened. Injuries noted were unsupervised children that suffered damage to the teeth by loosening them or knocking them out, shifting of the teeth, bruising of the lips, and other related injuries.

Supervise Young Children about the Proper Handling of the Device.

Make sure your children are supervised and know the danger of dropping the device on them. Holding the phone or tablet above the head is a recipe for disaster.

Thank you to Nitesh Tewari, Ph.D.