Your dental care is our #1 priority.

We base our treatment recommendations on that of the American Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry. When we visually examine your mouth, we can only see half of the picture. We cannot see what lies beneath the gums. That is the reason x-rays are so necessary. Because we are concerned about your oral care AND radiation, we have invested in digital x-ray machines for all our images. The radiation needed for the image is reduced by 90%. If you have been a patient of record for a long time, you know that we were one of the first offices to purchase this new technology.

Insurance Denials do not indicate lack of Need

When you get a denial of treatment from your insurance, does that mean that we did the procedure unnecessarily? That might be the implication from the insurance carrier, but that most certainly is not the case. We take cavity detecting images yearly to be able to see between your teeth as well as periapical images of your front teeth. We have found that since we are no longer taking panoramic x-rays as frequently, we may take images of the anterior teeth. Without these images, there is no way for us to see the health beneath the soft tissue of the front teeth. Without taking adequate images, we mostly are blind in that area, and a gum problem or even a root crack can occur.

The problem may go undetected until you come in with a concern, and by then it can be catastrophic.

Dentistry is a partnership.

Insurance companies are NOT partners with anyone but themselves. Unlike our office, their bottom line is not your well-being. Instead, it is the money they make by denying claims as they collect the premiums. I welcome YOU, my patients, as my partner in this journey. It is my promise to you that I will not over-treat you with unnecessary procedures, including x-rays.

Teeth are Body Parts

An abscess seen only by x-ray

When we say that we need a “picture” of the tooth or area, even for preventive measures, we are only keeping your long term dental health in mind. “ To see is to know; not to see is to guess.” Teeth are body parts, and just like other parts of my body, I want facts, not guesses.

Sincerely Yours,
Dr. Bob