Healthy wisdom teeth are can often stay in the mouth, but it depends on how the teeth erupt; whether there is enough room for them to come in, and whether you can clean them thoroughly because they are so far in the back of your mouth.

A lot of young adults get their wisdom teeth, or third molars removed right before going to college, but, research shows that almost 60% of third molars need could have remained. However, certain circumstances can occur to mandate their removal.

If the following observations are detected either by your dentist or you, you may need to have these teeth removed.
1. If the teeth only emerge halfway and leave a flap of gum over them, this makes them hard to clean and can lead to infection. The partial emergence is usually caused by inadequate room for the teeth to emerge.
2.If the teeth are too far back that cleaning is difficult leading to infections.
3.The teeth are caught halfway under the gum (impacted) due to lack of space. This can affect your smile and could lead to problems later.
4.The third molars are coming in crooked.
5. If your third molars are damaging the surrounding teeth or hurting your jaw, then removal is necessary. If a cyst (fluid-filled sac) starts to grow around the tooth, it may damage the surrounding tissue and bone.
6. Of course, if you experience pain or bleeding, this may also point to problems about the eruption of your wisdom teeth.

If you are experiencing pain in your back teeth, call today. We can take images to see how your third molars are erupting. Of course, at your regular checkup, we will monitor the growth of all your teeth including the wisdom teeth.