Green Beer Stains your Teeth

West Virginia-based dentist Dr. Robert
Martino says the dye from a green beer can
badly stain your expensive dental work –
something he’s seen many times with his
own post-St. Paddy patients.

Drink Beer through a straw like lemonade? .

Beer from a straw?

Martino says drinking through a straw as you would drink lemonade is a plus because the straw prevents
liquid from directly contacting the chompers. But, do we really have to go that far

We can do this instead

Martino says the key to avoiding leprechaun teeth is caring for them right after drinking. That means a good rinsing and brushing before bed, and not passing out with green beer residue still in your mouth. (Yuck)

He also recommends chewing a piece of
sugar-free gum at the end of the night
because the increased saliva will act as a
“natural defense” against cavities from
the acidic booze.

The good part? Chugging – not sipping – is also advised,
since there’s less time for bacteria to form
in the mouth that way.

I just might be liking Dr. Martino for this. How about you?

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