It is a little ironic that a retired dentist would be our Patient of the Month, but here we have it!
Dr. Bob has known Matt for quite a few years. Matt, a former East Cobb dentist, and he worked together in the early days of their careers. They bought their respective practices and covered for each other. If one of them went out of town. Matt is a kind, conscientious person, and Dr. Bob is honored that he chose him to be his dentist.

Working on the Bucket List

Since Matt retired, he now has time to do all the things that his dental career prevented him from doing. He enjoys daily running, exercise, reading, and even going to movies, as well as playing bridge, and announcing at Polo matches.

Have you Ever been to a Polo Match?

Sports are still in the picture but now tends to be of the spectator variety. He enjoys Falcon Football, Braves Baseball, college football, and basketball, as well as Polo. Matt played Polo for 20 years. Now, he wants to invite everyone to a Sunday Polo match at Union Hill Polo in Alpharetta, where he just might be announcing.

Traveling is Possible Now

Without the confines of his dental practice, Matt is able to travel extensively since retirement, He particularly enjoyed Alaska, Hawaii, and a European River Cruise to Amsterdam.

By trusting us as his dentist, Matt compliments our whole team. We appreciate this so much.

Congratulations, Dr. Kill!

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