Did you know that you have “bad guys” that are trying their best to ruin your oral health? Yep. Right there in your mouth, you have bacteria that thrive from food left in between your teeth; and those bad boys grow at lightning speed.

Brushing your teeth only once a day allows the bacteria and plaque to build up too long and leads to the nuisance of bad breath, cavities, and gum disease. And, cleaning your teeth solely with a toothbrush leaves 25% of the bacteria behind. Bad breath can be remedied with mints, but can a mint treat gum disease? Not hardly. Periodontal disease attacks the bone that holds your teeth in place. That is a big problem. Using the “good guys”, fluoride rinses and toothbrush, will help you fight the bacteria left in your mouth. And, brushing those teeth twice a day helps you fight the plaque build up. But, how do you retrieve the gunk between your teeth?

That’s where the other “good guy” comes to the rescue. Floss gets the trapped plaque and bacteria from in between your teeth and rinsing with a fluoride-based mouth wash can clear out whatever bacteria and particles are left behind as well as strengthen your pearly whites.

Brush Twice a Day and                    Visit your Dentist

If you get lazy and choose to brush only once a day, and even start canceling your dental appointments, you are giving the “bad guys” a leg up on destroying your oral health.  Plaque under the gums leads to irritated bleeding gums and can transform into a condition that causes the body to turn on itself. Your teeth and gums become victims of bone loss when pockets start to form between the teeth and gums. As the disease (periodontal disease ) progresses, the gums get infected, the gum tissue is lost, and bone loss occurs. Tooth loss may even happen.

The next time you think about “skipping” that nightly cleaning, remember all the “bad guys” having a party in your mouth and use the “good guys” to break up that celebration.