Oh no! It’s that time of year again.

It’s hard to believe, but the summer is almost over, and school will be starting soon. We know that you are busy getting all the traditional items needed for the school year, like a new backpack, school supplies, and new school clothes. But, have you made your child’s dental checkup?

Enhance your child’s self-esteem

Having a bright, clean smile would be a great way to aid your little one’s self-esteem by starting the year with a bright smile and a clean bill of dental health. Dr. Bob wants his young patients to have a great school year filled with happy times, good friends, and successful learning. Fortunately, dental problems don’t fit into this equation.

A toothache could result in missing school

Neglecting teeth can lead to infections.

It has been shown that dental decay is the number one illness of children and accounts for much of the absences noted in schools. Dr. Bob doesn’t want his young patients suffering from a toothache. Instead, he wants parents to be diligent in scheduling routine dental exams for their children so that he can take care of minor dental issues early to prevent that absence from school.

Primary Teeth are Important

Taking care of primary teeth (baby teeth) is very important because, not only do they keep the space for the permanent teeth (adult teeth), they prevent cavities from developing into infections and then further treatment. An infection will most likely cause pain. If the tooth is lost due to the disease, orthodontic issues could result because space is not reserved for the permanent tooth.

We all know that having good dental health is directly related to overall good health. Untreated tooth decay in children can lead to stomach aches (from insufficient chewing), malnutrition, and infections. As a result, pain from these diseases can make it challenging to manage schoolwork and after-school activities.

Schedule your dental checkup appointment today.

So, if you haven’t scheduled the needed checkup appointment, call today so your child can start the school year with a clean slate of good dental health.