Stacey can’t wait to see him, because that is definitely one time a year that she is cool, not hot. In order for him not to melt, he asks that we clean his teeth in a refrigerated room.Publix is more than happy to accommodate our friend and Stacey in their meat locker. So far, Stacey, as well as Frosty, are fine with this set up, but Dr. Foster has to dress like a polar bear to do his dental exam. Because Frosty only eats healthy foods, he has never had a cavity.

Frosty enjoys playing with the children everywhere he goes and hums his favorite tune, which happens to be named after himself. His other favorites are Foreigner’s “Cold as
Ice”, “Hazy Shade of Winter” by Simon and Garfunkel, and “Baby, it’s cold outside”. Jolly Frosty also likes to take train rides (in refrigerated cars, of course), and birthday parties– especially his own. Frosty’s favorite movie is “Frozen” because he appreciates the role of the costar, Olaf. He loves to watch it with his best friend, Jack Frost. We look forward to Frosty coming every year because he brings so much joy to our young patients.

Congratulations, Frosty! We’ll see you next year!