These three brothers are so close that they insist on having their pictures taken together.

Nigel, the big brother, a high schooler from Wheeler, is very protective of his brothers and they absolutely adore him. This summer, Nigel will be traveling to Pennsylvania to attend SAMS (Summer Academy of Math and Science) at Carnegie Mellon University. Nigel, who loves robotics, will feel right at home there. Since another love of Nigel is the cello, his favorite group is Apolcalypica, a cello group.

Adrian, age 10, will attend East Cobb Middle School in the fall and is super excited about the road trip to Pittsburgh. He is a big history lover and knows there is a lot of history in Pittsburgh. He listens to Drake when he is not learning about history.

While all the boys love the Hawks, Aiden, who is three and will be attending his second year of preschool, loves the Cavaliers as well. He plans on being the next Steph Curry. He practices with Adrian to keep his skills honed. He likes listening to all types of music and is content playing StarWars video games with his brothers, but occasionally likes to do household chores.

We are always glad to see these fine young men. They are a true testament of what family means. In fact, when you look up “family” in the dictionary, we wouldn’t be surprised to find their picture there.

Congratulations, boys! We are crazy about you.