“We’re all ignorant, only on different subjects.”    Will Rogers

We have had the great pleasure of knowing Ed for about 30 years. He says he is proud to say that he “has all his teeth.”

On his honeymoon, Ed and his bride hitchhiked through Europe from Istanbul to the Arctic Circle in Norway. Of course, that has given him many beautiful memories. As a favorite trip otherwise, would be the fifteen-day cruise to Hawaii. Wow! He must have liked it; he wanted his picture in front of our new painting of Kauai.

Since retired, Ed likes to read more than ever. As he said, “Reading can take you anywhere.” And, we agree here at Dr. Bob’s. We even have a library. We urge our patients to take and share a book at Dr. Bob’s Book Nook.

Being an eclectic listener, Ed loves all music depending upon his mood. He likes classical, jazz, 60’s, but his very favorite is the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Ed has a great sense of humor: “I grew up in a home with six sisters and no brothers. I’ve had my beard since high school so that you can tell us apart.”

We love Ed. He is quite a personality and very interesting.