We have known this bubbly fun person for over 15 years–and so, just like she feels, she seems like a friend or family member. Her laugh and personality leave us happy all day long.

A Die Hard Dawg Fan who is a Stand-up Comedian for Fun

Katie works in sales at Georgia Pacific but loves being a stand-up comedian for fun. As far as football, it is DAWGS all the way. “We’re coming for you, Bama,” she says with a mischievous smile. Music is a favorite with the best tunes being from the ’90s because Britney Spears and boy bands are “where it’s at. ”

Even though she has gone on many wonderful trips, the most memorable trip was to Ireland with her husband and mother-in-law.

She is the Marathon Queen

Running and dancing keep Katie sane. She has run in 10 marathons. Her ambition is to run in one in every state. With her energy, we believe she will make it!

Congratulations, Katie. You are dear to us.