Your smile is as much a part of you as your eyes and hair. Most of us change our hairstyles from time to time, and women even change the appearance of their eyes with makeup. But would you change your grin if you could? Do you think you have a beautiful smile? You smile when you’re happy, and make others smile when they see you happy. A smile is essential for social interaction.

At our office, we have extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry. We are responsible for providing a better life to our patients by making a smile of which they can be proud.

As a bonus, a beautiful smile gives a few benefits.
Gums are a visual thermometer of a person’s good health. A person with chipped, discolored, missing or neglected teeth, are automatically stereotyped as having poor hygiene. A smile with puffy gums leaves a less than desirable impression. An alluring smile can affect career, friendships, and romance. A great smile encourages trust, boosts self -esteem, and elevates the mood.

Since your teeth are the central feature of your face, they reflect your deepest emotions instantly, without giving any notice. It is a privilege to be able to express feelings without restraint or concern for how your teeth appear.

In this blog series, we will show pictures of how our very own patients have achieved their ideal smiles. Some of the images shown will be the first stage to a patients’ smile while others are complete.

Missing teeth, gaps between the teeth, discolored teeth, ground down teeth, chipped teeth, or ugly silver fillings can be culprits that ruin that gorgeous smile. We can fix a lot of these problems.

A great smile begins with healthy gums. Puffy or bleeding gums are never attractive. You wouldn’t put a great looking house on unstable land. So, be sure to visit the dentist and get those gums in order before even thinking about changing your smile. Once your gums are healthy, you can begin the steps to that great desirable smile.

At a free smile evaluation, we will discuss your desires and needs for your new smile. We will talk about the procedure(s) that would serve you best, their preparation details, and the fees involved.

Call us today to schedule your complimentary smile evaluation.