Did you know that traditionally men are non-compliant when coming to the dentist and only schedule if something is bothering them?

Interviewing this late in the game can make you nervous and even unsure of yourself.

Middle Age Job Seeking Can be Scary

In the past, men only worked for one or two companies. Thus, they made their entire careers with few changes. However, with the current employment climate since the pandemic began and the closing of many businesses, middle-aged men (and women) are finding that they are suddenly in the market for a job. The competition for that job may be younger applicants and better-looking potential candidates. This realization gives a higher priority to their appearance on their “to-do” list.

What can you do to look younger?

Regain your confidence with a brilliant smile

Besides the possible goal of losing those extra pounds, getting an updated hairstyle, and possibly an updated wardrobe, men are coming to my office for a more vibrant smile. They are starting to realize that a great smile has a lot to do with landing that coveted job.

An updated smile doesn’t have to be expensive. A lot of our patients are happy with a whiter smile achieved with take-home whitening trays. Others request more treatment. We offer cosmetic services such as crowns, bonding, veneers, and partial and complete dentures.

What are you Waiting for?

If you have neglected your mouth for a while, we won’t judge. Instead, let us help you get on track to enhancing your smile and improving your overall oral health.