This discussion has occurred many times in a household. Some people enjoy brushing right after they get up, eat breakfast and go on their way; others wait until after breakfast. So, which is better? Furthermore, is either habit causing damage to your teeth? Brushing before or after won’t make much difference when it comes to your dental health. But, what you eat and when you brush can make a difference.

Fruit and Fruit Juice are Acidic

Eating acid bearing foods like fruits or fruit juice can soften the enamel layer of the teeth; that’s the one you see when you smile. So, naturally, brushing your teeth soon after eating acidic foods could cause further damage. If you tend to eat acidic foods first thing in the morning, you should try to brush before or wait at least an hour before using the brush.

Wine is Acidic

Whenever you decide to brush, be sure to do it twice a day, for 2 minutes each time. And, if you like that glass of wine, remember it is acidic as well.  Don’t go to bed without brushing your teeth, but wait that hour.