We would like you to meet the future of computers. Nigel Nderi is a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon studying Computer Science and loving it.

Meet the Future of Computer Sciences

Nigel is a gentle, polite soul that we enjoy seeing at our office.
Being the oldest sibling of a family with three boys is a formidable task and one that Nigel takes very seriously. This may be the first year that Nigel couldn’t come with his brothers. He likes to visit the dentist with his younger brothers so that he can take their “Tooth” picture with them.

He enjoys high-level math and performing the cello. Often he switches between the very technical side of his personality to the artistic part of his nature. We are sure that he is talented in both.

Additionally, Nigel listens to all types of music, from classical and opera to rap and rock. He has no one favorite artist, in particular, but likes it all. Buggy racing, playing video games, and cheering for the Falcons are other activities he enjoys. Video games allow him to do something with his hands while losing himself in his thoughts.

Once Nigel traveled to South Africa to a leadership program. He said that it was interesting to see the combining and cooperation of all the different worldwide cultures.

Congratulations Nigel. We are so proud that you are part of our dental family!