Detection of Oral Cancer

We use the VELscope as an oral cancer-screening device on your dental examination appointments. It does not diagnose cancer, but is an adjunct to the oral examination. According to our experience,  the VELscope is a fantastic non-invasive screening device. Used in conjunction with the usual visual exam and palpation of the lips, tongue, and cheeks, this is another tool to use in the early detection of possible cancerous lesions.

It is a misconception that some dentists hold that this device will determine if the lesion is cancerous. It does not. It simply aids in finding abnormalities not visible to the naked eye .

We DO NOT CHARGE A SEPARATE FEE  for the VELscope examination because we do not want cost to be a factor in the  patient’s decision to have the exam or not.  It costs nothing, it has no risk, and it is beneficial. You will see on your statement that a fee of $95 was added, but immediately removed as a patient courtesy. It is not billed to your insurance company. We feel so strongly about this part of your routine examination that we provide it fee of charge.

We feel our practice should provide the highest level of care, incorporating the latest technology in detection and treatment. The American Dental Association
states that VELscope usage does not find more than 50% abnormalities than a good visual exam with a regular white light would find, and some of those abnormalities are non-cancerous.  It is our belief that this is not a problem. We feel our patients would feel the same. If we send a few extra people to the oral surgeon and the biopsy is negative, we feel better than if we missed a cancerous lesion.

As the old adage states “Better safe than sorry.”