A retired manufacturing executive of men’s tailored clothing, Joe Perusse thought retiring may be difficult for him. He was traveling with work and was quite busy, but as it turns out, Joe is having the time of his life.

He travels for pleasure, plays golf almost every day but Tuesday (Tuesday the club is closed) with a group of close friends . During these times Joe is outside, having fun, and learning new things.

His favorite trip was to Antarctica. Joe says that with its pristine vastness, seeing it was almost spiritual. And, he has been to many places. So that’s saying something.

After graduating from Georgia Tech, Joe spent two challenging, enjoyable years as an Anti-Submarine Warfare Official aboard a destroyer in the US Navy.

Joe enjoys Rock and Roll Oldies and of course, cheers for his alma mater Georgia Tech.

Congratulations, Joe! We love your bright smiling personality.