Pattie has been our patients for several years and we love her fun-loving personality. She comes loyally for her bi-annual exams so that we can help keep her teeth healthy.

An Experienced Real Estate Consultant

Pattie Jackson loves being a Real Estate Consultant and especially loves staging her own houses. She has had a successful business for many years as a Team Leader and Listing Specialist. She brings 13 years of negotiation and marketing experience to the table. If you need an agent of this caliber, you may want to give PS Jackson Associates a call.

She was Once a Figure Skater

In her off-hours, Pattie loves hiking to help her think clearly about what is essential. Exercise has always been vital since she was a figure skater when she was younger. Watching Figure Skate Competitions and cheering for the Braves rank as her favorite pastimes.

Her Family Includes an Adopted Daughter from Kazakhstan

Pattie has a wonderful husband, two sons, and a daughter that she adopted from Kazakhstan when the little girl was seven years old. Today, even though her native language is Russian, her daughter is going to China to teach English for a year.

David Bowie and the Beatles were Geniuses

She likes pop and rock music. The music of Frank Sinatra is enjoyable, and the unique sounds of David Bowie and the Beatles also entertain her. Bowie and the Beatles are her favorites because she considers them both creative geniuses.

Thank you, Pattie, for your confidence and loyalty.