I met Phyllis in 1976 when my wife and I lived in the Windy Hill apartments in Smyrna. And, she has been a patient ever since. That was two children ago (one for each of us) and fillings, crowns, and even an implant ago. She is special to the team because of her positive outlook and energy. We like that she treats us as part of her family, just as she is ours.

Can’t Keep a Good Teacher Down

She travels from Gwinnett county to see us. Even though she retired as an administrator in a middle school several years ago, she can’t shake that teaching career of 36 years. She is a supervisor of student teachers at Georgia State University!

Where does she find the time?

Phyllis is quite active with yoga classes three times a week, pickle ball, and cheering for the Georgia Bulldogs (and working). As a baby boomer, she enjoys 60’s and 70’s music, especially Led Zepplin and soul music.

Going to Israel for a Ten Day Tour was the best!

She did take time out to visit Israel for a ten-day tour. She said it was fantastic to walk where Jesus walked in Jerusalem and seeing the Tomb of Jesus, the Garden of Gethesame, and floating in the Dead Sea. She felt safe as the Israeli police were present everywhere.

Thanks for the Commute; it means the world to us.

It is so wonderful having good friends that think so highly of us that they travel over an hour to see us and even refer her friends to us as well.

Thank you for your friendship and loyalty.