Shortly after birth, Kevin was given six months to live by his doctors. After a year, they said that he would never walk. When he could run they said that he wouldn’t make it past third grade. When Kevin graduated from college, he reminded his Mom of those doctors. We are glad they made those errors because we would have never met Kevin.

Kevin is Director of Sales and Marketing or Argos Risk, a software company that provides third-party risk intelligence solutions to financial institutions and manufacturing companies. He presently has speaking engagements around the country to groups as diverse as Banking Regulators, the US Department of State, to the Executive Office of the President of the United States. He also writes publications for the banking industry.

He has traveled across the country and is just short of a million miles of flight on Delta airlines. His most memorable trips are ones spent with his family. He and Stacey went to NYC on their 9th wedding anniversary. Another time he and Stacey went to Puerto Rico and stayed at a five-star resort.

Earlier in his career, Kevin launched several companies. To date, none have survived. He remembered his quote when he started beating himself up about the business failures. On his free time, he likes listening to all types of music from Classical to the Cowboy Junkies. He shares his love of the Braves with his Dad and his son. He also likes reading, listening to Podcasts, and playing golf.

Kevin gave us a wonderful recommendation when he said that before he came to us, he was using a corporate chain dental office. They constantly tried to upsell and recommend new cosmetic treatments with a barrage of marketing emails that only managed to let him know that his health was their last priority. He appreciates that Dr. Foster takes the time to explain what is going on and the attention to detail lets him know that he is really receiving high quality care.

Thanks, Kevin. We’re glad we met you.