We would like you to meet a favorite second generation patient of ours.
Elizabeth Perusse came to us first as a tiny person, about ten years old. She has had a lot of growing up to do since that time.

As a Human Resources Business Partner of Roche Genentech, she is quite busy. Even though she works in San Francisco, she visits us when she is in town. The company she works with has done amazing feats in research that addresses the need for personalized vaccines in the fight against Cancer. Their research involves the process of activating the immune system based on a tumor’s molecular fingerprint. By combining a personalized cancer vaccine, they may create a regimen that’s even more effective than existing therapies at eliminating the terrible disease. That would be a great achievement. Important work for sure. Elizabeth says she is so happy to be there.

Elizabeth enjoys exercise, reading, spending time with family and friends. Georgia Tech is her team, especially basketball. She has been enjoying today’s pop music, but her go-to band is Train. Reading is also a hobby of hers.

When we asked why Elizabeth comes to see us, she said that she trusts Dr. Bob’s extensive dental knowledge, and she enjoys the empathy and generosity of his dental team.
Congratulations, Elizabeth! We are a fan of you as well.