Bess has to be one of the most loyal patients we have. She has been with us since 1981! She is a devoted Christian who loves singing with the choir on Sunday, her favorite day. The choir is such a close group of people that it makes singing a pleasure. Bess’s husband and daughter also attend church with her so this makes it even more special.

On her 60th birthday she went with the entire family to Gulf Shores to celebrate. It made that milestone event the most fun ever. Bess is a Georgia Football fan—Go Dawgs and enjoys listening to Christian music the best. He favorite artist is Charles Billingsley. At home, Bess loves to sit around the fire with her family and read. Of course, Bess’s favorite saying is a Psalm from the Bible. To be exact it is Psalm 91. Even though she lives all the way in Young Harris, Georgia, she says she is not going anywhere else. She loves all the people, including Dr. Foster.

We love her and her entire wonderful family. Thank you for being so loyal all these years..