While Pediatric Dentists, or Pedondontists, provide a valuable service to our community., all children do not need a pediatric dentist. Most children do fine at our office. Children offer a breath of fresh air to our day, and the things they tell us can sometimes be enlightening and other times downright amusing.

We treat each of our little patients as the individuals they are and proceed with treatment at a pace that allows them to be comfortable and relaxed. We know that a good experience at the dentist can make all the difference in the world for little patients as they mature into adulthood.

We have been treating children at our office for over 40 years. A good portion of our adult patients began their dental treatment as children. Many of them now bring their children for their dental visits.

Always, the Big Tooth board and Dr. Bob’s Smiles are a big hit. After the check-up appointment, we take a picture at the Big Tooth board and then post it on Dr. Bob’s Smiles board. We give the photo to the child at the beginning of their next check-up appointment. It is such fun to see how the children have grown. Moms love it because they can keep it in the child’s scrapbook. Some of the adults who were once child patients look forward to the tradition to continue.

A pediatric dentist only treats up to (and some including) the teenage years. There is continuity at our office because we treat all ages. We have in the past and will continue to refer any child to a pediatric dentist if and when those services become apparent. We invite you to bring your children to our office and keep them here. We would love to meet them!

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