While reading this blog, put a big smile on your face—an authentic genuine smile. Pretend you are seeing a friend after several years—that kind of smile.

Now, think of something unhappy but keep smiling. Can you hold sad and negative thoughts in your mind while you are smiling? It is challenging to harbor negative thoughts while keeping a smile on your face. Smiling can help increase happiness and decrease negativity.

What’s in it for You?

Researchers have found that even forcing a smile activates a specific set of muscles in the face. The group of “smile muscles” connect closely to the emotions of happiness and joy. With a smile, you signal the emotional center of the brain that all is well. A smile can be the secret to success as the people who smile a lot are pretty popular with everyone and even seem more attractive to the opposite sex.

Although you may consider a smile the smallest act of kindness, consider this. A smile takes little to display, but it has the power to turn a life around. A smile is contagious. The person who received your smile may pay it forward and offer a smile to someone else. Like the effect of a pebble tossed into a pond, your smile affects one person, and their smile affects another. You may be surprised how many people will benefit from your small smile effort. So friends, when we have so many benefits of smiling, why not smile and make your day (and someone else’s) great.

How is your Smile?

There truly is power in a smile! But we know for some people, the opposite is true. Smiling can be a stressor if you aren’t happy with how your smile looks. Dr. Bob and his team are motivated to help more people achieve and keep a healthy smile they love to show off. Ask for a complimentary smile consultation to learn how we can improve your smile.