We admire Suzanne for being one of the most caring people we have met. She relentlessly took, care of her husband during his illness. Her cheerful disposition was an inspiration to us all.
While she has won ribbons and award for her photography, this lovely lady has also received recognition for her needlework. For outdoor activity, she likes to play tennis.

Suzanne has been on every Continent in the World

Suzanne can boast about being on every continent in the world. She recently went on a cruise to Cuba. Her late husband, a great guy, was in the military which afforded her an excellent opportunity to see the world. Her most recent trip was a cruise to Cuba, but she says that the most beautiful places she has visited were Israel, Africa, and Alaska. With her being an avid photographer, we would love to see some of those pictures.

Singing the the Choir

She tells us she has sung in the choir for 25 years. Maybe she practices singing with her favorite artist, Neil Diamond when she is not harmonizing with the church singers.

Wow! Now that’s a big Family

Another interesting fact about Suzanne is that she is proud of her five children, her eleven grandchildren, and her one great-grandchild. Wow, now that’s a lot of birthdays to remember!

Thank you for coming to our office and spreading your cheerful, caring spirit with us.