Wow!  How time flies. Can you believe that this delightful lady has been working at our office as a super team member since 2011?  That was our lucky day.  She stepped right in, grasped everything to learn (which she probably already knew anyhow) , but just needed to learn how we did things at our office And as they say, the rest is history.

Those of you who know her love her.  She has a great personality with a willing disposition.  She is able to navigate the labyrinth of insurance with almost all policies.  Because policies vary even within the same insurance company depending on what you or your employer has paid for the premium, Tabitha will call the company and get the details of your coverage.  If we have other patients with the same policy, she may even be able to tell you about the policy immediately.  We think that she must have an IQ of about 800 as well as  a photographic memory.

At our wonderful celebration at Zeals we gave her a Gift  card for a shopping spree.

We hope she will always work for us.  She is loved just like a family member.