We had a great luncheon celebrating Team Appreciation Day.  I surprised the team with personalized water bottles, a team appreciation pin, and a Visa Gift card.


Tabitha the Great

Our front office business administrator, Tabitha, is our rock.  She is a genius at all things insurance, and helps to keep the office running smooth.  I don’t know how she does it, but, she seems to know about everything in the office even before I do.  She has a grandson almost two and another  grand-baby on the way. She is tireless in energy, even when she is tired.  She was a hygienist in Alabama, so, she knows about teeth and talks knowledgeable to our patients when it is required or requested by the patient.

Stacey the Floss Boss

Stacey, our floss guru, is one of the best hygienists I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  She  is meticulous in ridding the mouth of every single speck of hard deposit (hardened plaque).  She will floss your teeth a million times just to make sure it is GONE.  Dental hygiene is her passion and it shows. Stacey has a son in graduate school at the University of South Carolina, and a daughter who is a sophomore at Georgia Tech.

Teresa the Anticipating Genius

Hopefully, you have all met, or even remember Theresa, our expanded duty assistant.  Theresa worked for us 16 years ago and has temped here off and on.  We are so fortunate that she is able to be full time with us at this point in her life. Her baby is grown. (She left because she couldn’t stand to leave the little boy). She makes my job easier by being so knowledgeable in dentistry and anticipating my needs chair-side with our patients.



I absolutely could not do my job without the support of my fabulous team.  Thank you for your immense skills and loyalty.