Our Terrific Smile Team

Let’s eat!

For many years I have celebrated the end of our year with my team with a day-long gathering. We begin with breakfast that will sustain us through the next couple of hours. After breakfast, I present them with an amount of money to only spend on themselves (not family or friends).

What did you get?

At a time decided by the team, usually about a couple of hours, they return to my home to drink Sparkling Wine (can’t say Champagne unless it is from France) and they show me what presents they were able to buy for themselves. I am always surprised at the shopping skills that these ladies have shown. Sometimes, they need help either getting it into their car because a load of items is so great.

Let’s Eat–Again!

After we exchange presents, we eat again. This time lunch with the Sparkling Wine, of course. We try not to discuss business at this time but enjoy each other’s company.

I truly appreciate each one of my employees. Without them, my job would be more difficult. I am lucky to have employees who have been loyal to me for a long time. I wonder how many dentists can say that?