Some of our patients have asked why we are routinely taking your blood pressure before dental procedures.

Most of you see us more often than your physician so you may be unaware of any issues with your blood pressure. Taking our reading will give you a baseline for your records and will show if you may need any medications.  We are aware that some of you are in heavy traffic, rush to get here, and maybe are a little nervous coming here in the first place. We may have to wait another 5 minutes to retake a reading if your pressure records high.

If your blood pressure seems elevated, we may need to postpone your visit until you seek a physician to get your hypertension diagnosed and managed with proper treatment or medication. We take a lot of things into consideration before doing this; things such as your age, whether you are a smoker, and if you are currently on medication to control your blood pressure before we make that decision.

Having dental treatment, including cleanings, fillings, or root canals, can bring about an elevation in healthy blood pressure. When it reads high, it presents a more significant risk of severe complications during the procedure, including a heart attack.

It is essential to know that the mouth is a part of your entire body, not an adjunct to it. What happens in your mouth can affect your body, and the reverse is also true.

We value you as a patient, and our first concern will be your total health.