Take the First Step to a Great Smile

Since your teeth are the central feature of your face, they reflect your deepest emotions instantly, without giving any notice. It is a privilege to be able to express feelings without restraint or concern for how your teeth appear. A “throw your head back in laughter wide-open” smile is a stress reliever. Laughing like this can only come from the confidence of your smile.


Don’t Waste Time on Whitening DIY on You-Tube

Some patients don’t like the color of their teeth. As we age and eat more foods that stain, such as wine, coffee, and tea, teeth can become yellowed. Skip the DIY methods like using charcoal or oil pulling. See a previous blog on this website at https://smilesbydrbob.com/does-natural-diy-whitening-work/. The best time to whiten your teeth is following a professional cleaning. At this time, your teeth take in the solution more efficiently.

Most Efficient and Safest Way to Whiten Teeth

The most direct method is an in-office whitening process. We barricade your teeth and apply a combination of chemicals that both whiten and help any sensitivity that may be caused by the procedure. We can schedule this appointment shortly after your professional cleaning.

For those who would rather not spend the time or investment in the in-office procedure, we offer a product called Opalescence GO preloaded whitening trays. These trays are quite adequate, and most of the time, whitening is achieved after one or two applications.
Furthermore, if you have already had custom whitening trays made, we also offer refills of whitening solutions.

Existing Restorations Will Not Whiten

Materials used to enhance smiles like acrylics and porcelains used for cosmetic bonding, crowns, and removable partial dentures will not change color. Whitening will allow us to know what shade to pick for any cosmetic treatment in the future.

Smile Still Needs improvement?  We Can Help.

Some people are satisfied with their smile after whitening and need or desire no other treatment. But, if you still want a more enticing smile, we have you covered. We have several more methods for enhancing your smile.