March 2015 – Muskan Sharma

Muskan Sharma is a busy nine year old these days. She swims and plays basketball as well as takes tap and jazz dancing lessons.

January 2015 – Abraham Williams

IBM lost a great software engineer when Abraham Williams retired in 2005 after 32 years. Abraham also worked 4 years for Accenture and was fully retired in 2012.

Are you Really Saving Money by Going to the Plan Dentist?

We realize times can be relatively tough. We realize it is getting more and more difficult to spread your earnings among all your expenses. Times have changed, medical expenses are rising, and dental insurance plans offer higher premiums with lesser benefits.

Acids Lurk in Some Foods and Drinks

We’ve all heard that a can of coca-cola could strip the rust off of a nail or clean the tarnish of an old penny.  This might be an experiment for a Mythbusters segment.

Beware of Individual Insurance Plans

Since our society has become accustomed to being “insured”, when an employer suddenly drops a patient’s dental benefit, I am often asked,”What is the best dental insurance plan I can buy?